PMV D20 / D22 Digital Valve Positioner

PMV D20/D22 is a compact digital positioner that suits both linear and rotary actuators. Its modular and flexible design allows mounting according to both the standards VDI/VDE 3845 for rotary and VDI/VDE 3847 for linear actuators with integrated tubing.




Single acting but can be double acting with optional bolt on block.
Basic design, very simple and compact.

Very modular: HART, plug in feedback modules, indicators etc.
D3 mounting kits fits also D20

Features and Benefit

• Simple to operate
• Calibrates itself in a few seconds
• Modular design, plug in and add on modules
• Intrinsically safe, Non-Incendive or Explosion proof, ATEX & FM
• Suits Rotary and Linear applications
• Add in switch and 4-20mA position feedback option
• VDI/VDE 3845
• VDI/VDE 3847
• HART option
• LCD – Menu option


D20 Positioner details

The D20 is very simple and quick to install and operate.

To calibrate it, simply press the button for 5 seconds, D20 will auto-calibrate and tune itself in a few seconds. D20 can be fitted with optional 4-20 mA feedback transmitter and limit switches.

Optional LCD with menu is available on D22. HART communication is optional.

For visual indication you can select between flat arrow indicator or a dome indicator.


D20 Positioner modular design D20 Positioner VDI mounting details
D20 Positioner rotary and linear
D20 Positioner VDI mounting
D20 Positioner auto calibration





Colour Brochure

One Download

D20 / D22 Digital Valve Positioner (825 KB)
Model no
D20 - Digital compact positioner, General purpose, LED status
D22 - Digital compact positioner, LCD Display+LED Status
Approval, Certificate
D - General purpose version
I - Intrinsically safe version ATEX
E - Explosion proof
Connections Air, Electrical
M - 1/4" NPT air, M20 x 1,5 electrical x 2
N - 1/4" NPT air, 1/2" NPT electrical x 2
Housing/Surface treatment
U - Aluminium/Powder epoxy, black
S - Stainless Steel
S - Single acting
D - Double acting, incl gauges Stainlees/Brass
Mounting options / Spindle
09 - Double D type, adaptor spindle
12 - Flowtop, D-style+ nut, direct mounting, Kit 30144 included
23 - VDI/VDE 3845 rotary, Mounting kit not included
39 - VDI/VDE 3847 Linear, Flat D, Mounting kit 30145 included
40 - IEC 534-6, Flat D type, nut incl. Mounting kit not included
Cover and Indicator
PVA - PMV,Black cover, Arrow indicator
PVB - PMV, Black cover, No indicator
PVD - PMV, Black cover, Dome indicator
Z - Standard -20°C to 85°C (-4°F to 185°F)
Q - Low temp -40°C to 85°C (-38°F to 185°F)
Input signal/Protocoll
4 - 4-20 mA / none
5 - 4-20 mA / HART
Feedback option, 4-20 mA transmitter, switches
X - No feedback option
T - 4-20 mA transmitter only
S - Limit switches Mechanical SPDT + 4-20mA
N - Namur V3 type sensor, P+F NJ2-V3-N + 4-20mA
P - Limit switches Proximity SPDT + 4-20mA
4 - Slot type Namur sensor, P+F SJ2-S1N + 4-20mA
5 - Slot type Namur sensor, P+F SJ2-SN + 4-20mA
6 - Slot type Namur sensor, P+F SJ2-N + 4-20mA
Options, Add in electronics
0 - Standard diagnostics
X - No Accessories
M - Gauge block 1/8" G (2 x gauges included)
N - Gauge block 1/8" NPT (2 x gauges included)

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