Coulton Instrumentation is proud to distribute OMC srl range of products in the UK. Products include Control Valves, Valve Positioners, Recorders Controllers, Regulators and Transmitters.

Please click on one of the image below to view the relevant range:


control-valves positioners recorders-regulators-recorders pneumatic-controller-transmitters differential-pressure-transmitters

Control Valves

Valve Positioners

Pneumatic Recorders

Recorder Controllers

Pneumatic Differential
Pressure Transmitters


Active since 1976, OMC is one of the leading European companies in the field of automation, pneumatic and electropneumatic instrumentation, for process control. OMC's production line includes a wide and complete range of pre-installed products, operating in the chemical, petrochemical, paper, food, pharmaceutical, and textile industry.

The consolidated experience of its engineers, along with an extensive expertise of the plant engineering, enable OMC to design and produce custom pneumatic logic control panels for industrial process plants (turnkey contract). OMC's organizational structure is designed to provide customers with the best quality and assistance from purchase of OMC instrumentation, to installation and start-up.

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