Data Logging Article for the Hakko Monitouch HMI

 19th Dec 2013
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Data Logging

Data can be logged from any memory location within the Monitouch HMI or from any device connected to it. This provides a fast and secure way to process data from production machines or process environments. Data can be stored on removable data cards, USB sticks or transmitted over the ethernet using FTP and Web server technology.

Data can also be passed to production MES databases using a bespoke data servers. Security of data is treated with high importance and the option of two ethernet ports allows production and office data networks to be isolated from each other while sharing discrete data between them. One of the unique features of the Hakko Monitouch is the use of two micro processors, allowing the speed of screen updates to be protected from the time delay that can occur when processing large amounts of data.


Monitouch HMI Data Logging



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