Long Term Stability, High Accuracy Pressure Transmitter

Fuji Electric FCX-AII Version 5 Highlights:

Up to 0.04% accuracy

Unrivalled Long term stability: +/- 0.1% / 10 Years

DP Transmitters for Static Pressure up to 1035 Bar (15000 psi)


Fuji V5 Pressure Transmitters

The Fuji Electric V5 (Version 5) FCX family of transmitters provide a 4-20mA and HART® output for a wide range of pressue inputs.  Fuji Electric's new range offers "Smart" Differential, Gauge and Absolute Pressure Transmitters available from Stock in the UK. Click on one of the buttons below to access details on different types of pressure measurement:

Differential pressure transmitters Gauge pressure transmitters Absolute pressure transmitters

For information on previous version of Fuji smart Pressure Transmitter (version4) click here

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Or perhaps you are looking for complete reliability in you DP transmitter



Version 5 pressure transmitter operating principle:

The micro machined silicon sensor is based on two capacitance values that change when differential pressure is applied. This technology minimises the influence of temperature fluctuations on the differential pressure measurement. Pressure transmitter silicon sensor

Keeping things "micro" reduces environmental influences.

Fuji Electric floating cell By "floating" the cell in silicon oil from the high pressure side of the pressure transmitter, the cell is provided with its own laboratory conditions. This isolates it from the influence of pressure and temperature fluctuations. By using microbore technology the volume of silicone oil is minimised, which further reduces the influence of temperature on the pressure measurement.

The combination of micro machined silicon and "floating" cell technology allow Fuji Electric to manufacture pressure transmitters with the following specifications:

High Accuracy Over the long term

Up to 0.04% accuracy

Unrivalled Long term stability: +/- 0.1% / 10 Years

DP Transmitters for Static Pressure up to 1035 Bar (15000 psi)
Long term stability


LCD Indicator with push buttons

Ease of use

Configuration can be performed using 3 push buttons on the LCD indicator, hand held communicator or PC software.


Application Flexibility


Applications in HVAC, water treatment, food, paper, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, offshore, sub-sea and nuclear industries can be satisfied by this range of pressure transmitters.

By selecting from a large range of materials, we are able to customise the pressure transmitter and supply remote seals. We temperature compensate the whole assembly to maintain the highest level of performance. Selecting from 316SS, Hastelloy, Monel, Tantalum, Gold and Ceramic we can custom build a pressure transmitter to our own high standards, or to your individual specifications.
Diaphragm with special materials


v5 configuration software

Asset Management

Enhanced configuration & maintenance tools are provided via PC software. This can be used to track calibration changes to each pressure transmitter and store as data to your hard drive , or other storage device.

Communication protocols, Hazardous Approvals & Conformity

The FCX AII Version 5 smart pressure transmitter supports a number of digital communication protocols including the Hart protocol. This ensures compatibility with existing Distributed Control Systems (DCS) or asset management systems (AMS). 

FCX-AII series digital pressure transmitter offers bilingual communications to speak both Fuji proprietary protocol and HART®. Any HART®
compatible devices can communicate with FCX-AII V5 smart pressure transmitter.

This range of pressure transmitter has also been tested for use in hazardous areas by ATEX, CENELEC, BASEFA, FM, CSA, GOST and a large range of other international standards authorities.

Certification for "IS" (intrinsically safe, Exia) or "Explosion proof" (Exd) operation is available.

Applications that require Health and Safety approval are addressed through compliance with IEC 61508/SIL2 and RoHS approvals.

Approval and conformity sheet


The range of high performance pressure transmitter is available from stock in the UK. Contact us now for a quotation!
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Common Specifications

Diaphragm materials
SS316L, hastelloy-C, monel, tantalum, zirconium, titanium, double coated with gold and ceramic
-100 to +100%URL
Span measuring range
100 to 1/100 URL
Liquid contacting temperature
-40 to 120ºC
Ambient temperature
-40 to 85ºC
Output signal / Allowable load resistance
DC 4 to 20mA / 600 Ohm
Supply voltage
DC 10.5 to 45V
Long-term stability
±0.1% URL/10 years
Explosion-proof specification
Flameproof, intrinsic safety type
Mounting method
50A pipe mounting, direct mounting
2.9Kg (standard unit)

For more details and datasheets, please select the type of pressure transmitter below

Differential Pressure
Gauge Pressure
Absolute Pressure
Pressure Transmitter

Sales Brochure

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Fuji Electric V5 Transmiter Brochure (1033 KB)

Instruction Manual

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FCX-AII-V5 Instruction Manual (1868 KB)


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Fuji Hart Explorer 4.3 (8841 KB)

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