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2016-05-26 10:15:53
Hi guys, this isn't my area of expertise. I am looking for a bit of assistance. A customer of mine has a human waste septic tank where the pumps are controlled via float switches and contactors. My customer isn't happy with the reliability of the float switches and wants to upgrade to a ultrasonic or radar system. Can anyone recommend any type of product that may suit the operation of this system.

Many thanks
Waste tank level control
cribber - 26, May 2016 @ 10:15
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2015-01-19 02:42:34
we want to service a Y53 oliver valve manifold, is ther any part No for the repair kit:
Packing: PTFE
2 x PTFE/Grafoil seal rings for transmitter flange.
Y53 oliver valve manifold repair kit
ebaccouche2206 - 19, Jan 2015 @ 02:42
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2012-01-19 21:12:37
watson smith venting when below 3psi and if you block off the vent port the outlet pressure increase's, however when you drop off the power then repower the unit it stops venting, is there a problem with the reedex valves
I/P Converter type 422
Rab2042 - 19, Jan 2012 @ 21:12
Tech M
20, Jan 2012 @ 11:18
2010-05-01 18:37:18
how to select pressure switch at our NP Plant for
compressor Securities. Dead band And Set reset Procedure.
stm - 1, May 2010 @ 18:37
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2009-09-26 19:04:53
we r going to bid for a transmitter tender,and now selected the models of FUJI,but there is one doubt about the selection. The customer asked for one DP transmitter of (range 0-2.71KPa,maximum S.P. 16MPa), right now we chosen FKC 22(span 0.1-6KPa,MSP. 10MPa),but the MSP. cann't match the required MSP.16MPa.

So we want to know wheahter we can use FKC 33(span 0.32-32KPa),the MSP is 16MPa, can satisfy the MSP. requirement of customer.

According to the specification of FKC transmitter,if we adopt FKC 33 for the use of 0-2.71 range, the accuracy would be influenced.

but how many would the accuracy be influenced? The original accuracy is 0.065%(the precondition is the selected span should exceed 1/10 of maximun span,otherwise the accuracy would be degraded).

based on the formula in the specification, I have counted the accuracy of FKC 33 which is used for 0-2.71KPa range, it would be 0.075%. Does it mean the accuracy is 0.075% of 2.71KPa? or 0.075%of 32KPa?

and I have some doubts on the following items.
1). how many is 1/10 of URL for Model "FKC 33"?
3.2KPa? or 0.32+(3.2-0.32)/10?

2)how to understand "Remark: To minimize environmental influence, span should be greater
than 1/40 of the max. span in most applications."
Does it mean we can use the transmitter which span is greater than 1/40? We know the accuracy would be influenced,if the selected span is between 1/40-1/10 of URL.
Your prompt help would be very appreciated. thanks.
Selection of the transmitters
Tramp - 26, Sep 2009 @ 19:04
20, May 2013 @ 09:32
2008-10-10 14:36:11
I'm copying a question and the answer that might be useful regarding the Watson Smith type 140:

"We have number of the above I/P's used in our gas network. It has come to my attention that instead of using compressed air as a supply we are using methane gas we transport through the network. My question is would this invalidate the certification,

Our answer:
"Yes, the type 140 is suitable for methane as process gas and it includes a feature called "captured bleed" which allows you to pipe the vent of the converter away to a safe place.

Please see the instruction manual (page 7) for further details."


Watson Smith type 140 - methane supply
Fred392 - 10, Oct 2008 @ 14:36
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