Specificities of Level measurement with differential pressure transmitter

Measurement of level in industrial application by differential pressure transmitter is frequent. The DP Transmitter device is used to measure level as an inferential measurement. In a DP Transmitter, the diaphragm senses the head pressure developed by the height of the material in the vessel.

This quantity is multiplied by a density variable to get the correct level measurement. We have listed below some unique specialty of DP Transmitter for level measurement.

Level Measurement With DP Transmitter


  •    A great specificity of Differential Pressure Transmitters is that it is effortlessly fitted to an existing vessel. It can also be retrofitted to a working Tank or Vessel. Maintenance of DP Transmitter is easy as it can be isolated from the process by isolation valve. It is ideal and may be the only alternative for total level measurement in separator vessels, because separator vessel undergoes a wide variation of composition in process materials.
  •    DP transmitters are ideal for level measurements of liquids. It can also be used for light slurries with extended diaphragm, which fits flush, to one side of the vessel.
  •    Level measurement by DP Transmitters is more cost effective than other available sensors.
  •    A broad range of accurate level can be measured by differential pressure transmitters subject to the stability of the fluid density. In case of unstable process fluid density, an extra DP Transmitter is used to estimate the density.
  •    Since DP Transmitters are located away from the tank for measurement of level, cleaning and maintenance of Tanks are easy.
  •    Accumulation of water at the bottom of a tank can be ascertained by Differential Pressure Transmitters.
  •    When fluid density changes, the multivariable transmitter, can measure tank level accurately. It will deliver the same accuracy in both open or pressurized tanks and vessels. The technology responsible for this improved density compensated level transmitter is due to hydrostatic measurement and sophisticated multivariable sensing technology. The transmitter uses onboard, uninterrupted differential pressure, and temperature measurements to offset for liquid and vapor density changes. The final data are transmitted in 4 to 20mA protocol. Digital output signals are accurately proportional to tank level.


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