Hakko Monitouch HMI Touch Screen

Hakko Monitouch V806 (5.7") touch screens are available in low cost mono, STN or TFT models. They are also available with or without ethernet. This ensures that we can offer the most economical model for your project; adding the flexibility that you need, without adding cost. They are the smallest touch screen available in the range. Larger screens upto 15" are available.

Main Features

All 5.7" HMI's have 

  • Software configuration, connecting data to displays
  • 200+ free drivers for PLC's reducing training and implementation costs
  • 100+ free drivers for variable speed drives (frequency/variable speed drives)
  • 50+ free drivers for temperature and process controllers
  • No cost per Tag enabling small and medium SCADA solutions
  • Free software updates keeping the cost of ownership affordable

Flexibility and Connectability

The Monitouch V806 provides a convienient way to collect, display and send data from a wide range of PLC's, controllers and variable speed drives. Hakko do not manufacture peripheral devices, so they are collaborative in communicating with an extremely wide range of other manufacturers products.

Monitouch has an incredibly long list of compatible device drivers that can be used together to form a data gathering network without the limitations of working with a single manufacturer. Data can be gathered from one PLC, stored, displayed and shared with other devices in the network.

Quickly Development Screen Graphics with V-SFT5

All of the above variations of V806 are configured using a PC software application called V-SFT5, which provides drivers, ready built libraries of graphics for graphics to display data, graphs, trends, lamps, buttons and switches. In fact you can create any graphical image and turn it into a switch that will interact directly with your PLC or any other device on your network.

V-SFT5 is being updated on a regular basis and all updates are free!

When you have to deal with a large amount of information from your production site, a Hakko Monitouch touch screen can make the difference.

Powerful, well connected and easy to use, these intelligent screens allow you to design custom screens with simple instructions for your operators while performing complex production tasks in the background.


The V806 is limited when it comes to screen size. If you have lots of data to display on your SCADA application, we highly recommend that you select one of the larger screens, which will help both designers and users of SCADA applications. For more information on other sizes of Monitouch HMI's please follow these links. 7", 8", 10", 12" and 15".



Hakko Monitouch HMI Touch Screen  

Connectivity and Flexibility

Monitouch has an incredibly long list of compatible device drivers that can be used individually or together to form a data gathering network without the limitations of working with a single manufacturer. Data can be gathered from one PLC and then stored, displayed and shared with other devices in the network. True flexibility in data displays with the ultimate in connectivity; the V806: 

Model V806MDN and V806iMDN V806CDN and V806iCDN V806TDN and V806iTDN
  Monitouch V806MD and V806iMD Front View Monitouch V806CD and V806iCD Front View Monitouch V806TD and V806iTD Front View
Resolution 320x240 (QVGA) 320x240 (QVGA) 320x240 (QVGA)
Type STD Mono LCD STD Colour LCD TFT Colour LCD
Colours 16 Grey Scale 65536 65536
Memory (ROM) 4.5Mb 4.5Mb 4.5Mb
Memory (SRAM) 128Mb 128Mb 128Mb
Com Ports      
CN1 (9 Pin D) RS232
RS422 (2 wire)
RS485 (2 wire)
RS422 (2 wire)
RS485 (2 wire)
RS422 (2 wire)
RS485 (2 wire)
MJ1 (RJ45) RS232
RS422 (2 wire)
RS485 (2 wire)
RS422 (2 wire)
RS485 (2 wire)
RS422 (2 wire)
RS485 (2 wire)
MJ2 (RJ45) RS232
RS422 (4 wire)
RS485 (4 wire)
RS422 (4 wire)
RS485 (4 wire)
RS422 (4 wire)
RS485 (4 wire)
Type A Yes Yes Yes
Type B Yes Yes Yes
Storage Card Option Option Option
Ethernet (Rj45)      
Inbuilt V806iMDN only V806iCDN only V806iTDN only
Option Option Option Option
Comms I/F      
Profibus-DP Option Option Option
Devicenet* Option Option Option
Fl-Net Option Option Option
SX-Bus Option Option Option
OPCN-1 Option Option Option
T-Link Option Option Option
CC-Link Option Option Option
IP Rating      
Front IP65 IP65 IP65
Rear IP20 IP20 IP20
RoHs Complient Yes Yes Yes
CE Certified Yes Yes Yes
Power Supply      
Voltage  24V (+/-10%) 24V (+/-10%)  24V (+/-10%)
Power Rating <15W    
Isolation >10M Ohm (500Vdc) >10M Ohm (500Vdc) >10M Ohm (500Vdc)
Ambient 0-50 DegC 0-50 DegC 0-50 DegC
Storage -10 to +60 DegC -10 to +60 DegC -10 to +60 DegC



Articles Specific to 5.7" Monitouch V806

No Articles have been defined.

Generic HMI Articles


 (625 KB)

This PDF guides provides details to allow customers who have purchased Version 7 Hakko Monitouch touch screens, to see the upgrade path to Version 8 devices. The guide is particularly useful in identifying which PLC connnectors are available on each size and version of screen. So if you have Monitouch V710isd or V710td, you will be able to see the full technical details, the connections and model code of the latest Version 8 screen is required as a fit and function replacement. If you need more detail that is provided in this guide, please contact us at sales@coulton.com

More Information...
 (533 KB)

This list is being updated on a regular basis.

More Information...


Types of Application

6 Articles

The remote capabilities of Monitouch HMIs gives access to the troubleshooting data that engineers need to fix the problem fast. That is data from the entire process, not just the HMI & PLC, but all devices connected to the Monitouch, devices such as PLCs, Drives, Temperature Controllers and more.

Information from the manufacturing process can be passed to other business processes using Monitouch's MES functionality. Bridging the gap between your business management system, SCADA package or custom software application.

From production reports & labels to printing barcodes, Monitouch HMIs allow for the most flexible printing functionality in the industry.

Monitouch HMI's provide configuration tools that make life easy when delivering bespoke application solutions. In addition to a large library of standard graphical, trend and graph functions, the V806 series of touch screens provides a efficient macro language that helps you to quickly develop smart tasks to operater or data events.

Flexibility to connect multiple protocol devices such as PLC and temperature controllers. Flexibility to bridge data between multiple protocols. Getting connected with Monitouch HMI allows you to design control systems without limitations, utilising an industrially hardened, real time HMI.

Data can be logged from any memory location within the Monitouch HMI or from any device connected to it. This provides a fast and secure way to process data from production machines or process environments. Data can be stored on removable data cards, USB sticks or transmitted over the ethernet using FTP and Web server technology.


Hakko Monitouch HMI Application Overview


Monitouch provides a hub for all your machine, Scada or Process data. It provides easy connection of a large range of devices, ensuring data is read efficientlly from a wide range of sensors and PLC's

Up to eight (8) individual manufacturer 's communication protocols can be used at any one time, enabling data to be collated, stored and passed to all parts of your system.

Data can be read, logged, transferred and published from individual devices, or to web pages and database servers running MES or other SQL data stores.

Older Versions

Many customers contact us looking for replacement items for V606 (Version 6 Hakko Monitouch) decvices. 

If you need assistance in identifying your V606 or if you would like help in identifying the latest model for your application, contact us by phone, by email or via our enquory page and we will do our utmost to help you.


Fuji Electric POD UG series HMI Touch Screen

The POD UG series HMIs are "Programmable Operation Display" - touch screens that make your machines more attractive, and your system configuration more simple.

Fuji Electric POD UG series Fuji Electric HMI Screen

Equivalent Fuji Electric UG touch panels are available from us in the UK under the name of "Hakko Monitouch". If you are looking for a replacement screen, please note that the hardware is exactly the same. However the program on the Fuji unit has to be converted to work on the Hakko Monitouch unit. This conversion can be easily performed using the V-SFT software. For more information please contact us.

Hakko Monitouch direct replacements are available for all the Fuji Electric units, including (list non exhaustive):


UG30 series: UG630H - UG530H - UG430H - UG330H - UG230H
Simple POD UG221 series: UG221H-**
Handy POD: UG320HD
Fuji Electric UG Series


Article Listing

One Article

The Monitouch product continues to evolve. Customers request new features and the new V9 Series is no exception. This article takes a look back at earlier versions of this highly popular range of HMI's






We offer a low cost "inspect and evaluate" service that identifies faulty parts that can be repaced from our stocks, or ordered to specific requirement.

The Hakko Monitouch range of HMI's are reliable and robust. Most units that are returned to us have either suffered from misuse or they have enjoyed many years of service and would therefore benefit from, a new front panel, a replacement back up battery and/or a back light.

We can also upgrade your CCFL backlight to new superbright LED backlights. This service is currently available for the popular V710 HMI.

Some of our most popular HMi repairs are to the V606 and V706 series of screens.

Call us on 01202480303




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