Ettore Cella Temperature Switches

Temperature switches are ideal process devices in various industrial sectors.

The high quality guarantees high levels of availability and they are ideal for Safety Instrumented Systems (IEC 61508) as well as for process control.

The instruments are ATEX certified. GOST R certificate is available.
NACE, Off-shore, Tropical, Ammonia execution and special wetted materials are available.



  • Robust construction and long term reliability
  • Wide adjustment of switch point 
  • Interchangeable sensors and switch housings
  • CENELEC certification to EExia or EExd
  • Compact size available for OEM machine applications
  • High repeatability and low deadband
  • Designed for resistance to vibration
  • Temperature Ranges from -30 to +600°C
  • Common spare parts
  • Weatherproof to IP65
Cella Temperature Switch




Mini series TXS - TXA

It is ideal for application in harsh and high explosion risk environments, where space is at a minimum, such as offshore oil rigs and process and energy applications.

Enclosure IP 66 - all stainless steel AISI 316
Protection mode Ex-ia, Ex-d
Contacts SPDT hermetically sealed
Repeatability better than 1%
Mounting Direct or remote with capillary in AISI 316
Cella Temperature Switch


Compact series TCS - TCA

It is ideal for installation in electrical cabinets as well as on rotating machines, due to its compact and square shape.

Enclosure IP 65 aluminium or stainless steel
Protection mode Ex-ia, Ex-d
Contacts SPDT and DPDT
Repeatability better than 1%
Mounting Direct or remote with capillary in AISI 316

Cella TCS Temperature Switches


Bourdon series TWG - TAG

It is ideal for operation in harsh environments and where the highest level of repeatability is essential.
Classification of the thermal system is SAMA III B.

Enclosure IP 65 stainless steel or aluminium (Ex-d)
Protection mode Ex-ia, Ex-d
Contacts 1 SPDT, 2 independent SPD - fixed or adjustable dead-band
Repeatability better than 0,5%
Mounting Direct or remote with capillary in AISI 316

Cella TAG Temperature Switches





Bourdon Tube series TWG (PTC112) (190 KB)
Compact series TCS (PTC131) (333 KB)
Bourdon Tube series TAG (PTC212) (258 KB)
Compact EExd. series TCA (PTC231) (332 KB)

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