New Fuji Transmitter (sept 08)

 22nd Sep 2008

Fuji Electric launches a range of Differential and Pressure transmitters with unrivalled specifications.



In a drive to reduce cost of ownership, users are demanding improved accuracy, total reliability and extended long-term stability from their differential pressure transmitters.


Many manufacturers attempt to measure temperature and pressure influences on the dp measurement and compensate to correct their readings.



In contrast, the new Fuji Electric FXC AII Version 5 places its differential pressure measurement in its own micro capacitance "floating" silicon sensor. This isolates it from the influence of pressure and temperature fluctuations, creating laboratory conditions for the differential pressure measurement.

Micro machined silicon and floating cell technology gives Fuji the ability to manufacture DP transmitters that provide accuracies of up to 0.04%, with a long-term stability of 10 years at static pressures up to 1035 Barg.


Models are available to suit applications that require remote diaphragm seals, digital communications, hazardous area certification, offshore protection and subsea enclosures.

For further details please visit the product page contact us at or call us on Tel +44 1202 480303.

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