Giant Oil Discovery (Nov 09)

 12th Nov 2009

Fuji Electric supplies high static pressure transmitters for the recent giant oil discovery in the Golf of Mexico.

Ultra-deep water multi-phase flow measurement

BP, PetroBrass and Conoco Philips are drilling to new depths (10,685m) to keep up with consumer demand. Their recent "giant oil discovery" in ultra-deep water in the Gulf of Mexico (Tiber Well, Keathley Canyon) has created a need for multi-phase flow measurement to operate at pressures in excess of 1,000bar that only.
Giant oil discovery gulf mexico


High-static differential pressure transmitters

Today's oil and gas industry is creating challenging applications that need specifically designed solutions to cope with higher static pressures, aggressive process and environmental conditions. Based on extensive experience of supplying transmitters for this demanding application, Fuji Electric offers bespoke, field-proven differential pressure (DP) transmitters.

The experience and technical capability that Fuji Electric has built into these transmitters enables them to measure differential pressures of 130mbar at static pressures of up to 1,035bar (15,000psi), typically found in top-side and subsea applications.

The accuracy and reliability of Fuji Electric's transmitters is underpinned using specialist calibration equipment that produces differential pressure at extreme static pressures. This equipment is traceable to international metrology standards, through third party verification.

For further information on Fuji Electric Transmitters, please visit our Pressure Transmitter page - or more specifically, our High Static Pressure Transmitter page.
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