New GSM Level Monitoring (May 10)

 11th May 2010
SolidAT have launched an innovative and exciting new product, the GaugerGSM.

GaugerGSM is unique in providing user benefits unseen before in one level measureing device applicable in many applications.

Fuel Storage in small and large installations GaugerGSM can provide:

  • Detect fuel theft and leakage
  • Continuously track inventory
  • Reporting on Periodic and/or  on‐demand
Flood Alert , even in remote locations:
  • Detect sewer blockage and overflow
  • Record wastewater spillage
  • Simple installation - no road digging
  • Flood warning before exceeding high level alarms (rate of change alarm)
 The system is targeted towards the need for early warning of unusual conditions and goes beyond the normal approach of alarms set at predetermind levels. GuagerGSM is a scaleable solution that can provide SMS text reporting to a single mobile phone or as part of a large wide area network of measurement points spread all over the world.

GaugerGSM is curently used for

  • Remote fuel tank management including fuel theft detection,
  • Long life in-ditch wastewater monitoring and
  • Early warning flood alert systems...
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Gauger GSM

By embedding a GSM modem chip within the level meter and by applying application specific firmware, SolidAT presents a unified and highly cost-effective solution.

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Gauger GSM

For more information, and datasheet visit our product page
Gauger GSM

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