New Clamp-On Flowmeter (Feb 08)

 15th Feb 2008

Time Delta C - Leads the way in Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flowmetering


Metering of clean fluids Just got easier !

Clamp on flowmetering technology is not new, but being able to cope with bubbles of upto 12% by volume is!

At a price that beats the cost of a magnetic flowmeter.

Remember; Clamp on technology means that installation can take place without stopping the process and it greatly reduces the installation costs.

Product Features Overview
High Accuracy Measurement
1.0% of rate
Superior anti-bubble performance
Advanced Anti Bubble Measuring Method by Fuji Electric
Maintenance free operation
Non-invasive setup with no moving parts
Compact and lightweight
Size H170 × W142 × 70mm, approx. 1.5Kg
Flexible communication functions
RS-232C or RS-485 (MODBUS) option available
Wide application range
Ø13 to Ø6000mm applicable pipe diameters
Quick and easy setup
Simple menu guided setup from the front panel or PC interface
High speed response
0.2 sec. or less (quick response mode)
Easy operation and maintenance
Outside panel with waterproof keypad, PC loader for parameter setting




For a full description of the Time Delta C Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter, CLICK HERE to access our product page.

Assuring you of our best intention at all time.


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