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The Time Delta C flow meter is a non intrusive, non evasive clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter, which is suitable for measuring the flow and total flow of liquids in closed pipes. It is particularly useful where high accuracy is required and the flow meter needs to be installed without shutting down the process.

The Time Delta C is the latest release in the Fuji Electric flow metering range and uses the Micro processor and digital signal processing technology to provide a compact, lightweight solution with accuracies that are better than 1% of Flow rate.


How it works

The flow meter is made up of two items; Clamp on sensors, which come in a range of sizes and types to suit pipe diameters from 13mm to 6000mm. The sensors are clamped to the outside of the pipe using two stainless steel straps. The second part of the flowmeter is the flow transmitter, which provides an easy to use user interface and allows the flow and total to be configured in a variety of engineering units.

The rugged construction of the flow transmitter makes it ideal for installation in internal and external environments where IP66 protection is required. Where flow rates and totals need to be transmitted, the Time Delta C provides a selection of outputs which include 4-20mA, relay, TTL, RS232 and RS485(Modbus).


Configuration of the unit can be done from push buttons on the front panel. Alternatively free PC compatible software is available, allowing multiple configurations to be stored and downloaded to flowmeter from a PC.

This is useful where the flowmeter is to be used for survey work involving multiple installations, or where different fluids may flow through the same pipe. For further information on this item please see details below or refer to data sheet ref. EDSX6-133 and instruction manual ref. TN1FSVG-


Typical Applications

This flowmeter is suitable for measuring:
  • Boiler feed water
  • Cooling water
  • Clean in place (CIP) spray systems
  • Paint
  • Milk
  • Syrups
  • Fruit juice
  • Drinking water
  • Injectable water

The above fluids can be measured over a wide range of process conditions including very low and very high pressure. Fluid temperatures can also be on a range of -40 to +200 deg C.



Product Overview

  • Fixed installation Time Delta C
  • High accuracy¯±0.5% to ±1.0% of velocity typical on calibrated system
  • High turndown ratio: (106:1) 0 to + / - 0.3 ....... + / - 32m/s
  • Fast Response: 0.2 sec (High Speed Mode)
  • Sensors easily mounted to pipeline
  • Pipe diameter 13 to 6000 mm
  • Sensors and pipe can be buried
  • Fluid temperature -40 to 200°C
  • Enhanced anti-bubble measurement technology (ABM)¯removes the effect of entrapped and suspended flow bubbles
  • Graphic LCD display with fault finding guide
  • Auto ranging with pulse output for flow totalisation
  • PC communication functions - RS-232C and RS-485 MODBUS (option)
  • Low flow switch and low flow cut-off
  • Analogue 4-20 mA output
  • Dynamic flow correction¯system develops characteristic profiles to correct for optimal flow rates across the velocity range
  • Simple configuration¯complete setup from front keyboard and menu driven software interface
  • Digital outputs¯outputs may be configured for: totalizer pulse, flow switch, range limiting, overflow, memory alarm, and abnormal signal condition
  • Rugged and reliable¯IP66 enclosure makes Time Delta C well suited to most industrial environments
  • Maintenance free¯no moving parts provides long-term reliable operation
  • Compact and lightweight: H170 × W142 × 70mm - 1.5Kg
  • Non intrusive, non evasive







Detector Selection Guide

A wide range of detectors is available





Data sheet

One Download

EDSX6-140d Time Delta C Ultrasonic Flowmeter (268 KB)

Sales brochure


ECNO636a Time Delta C Ultrasonic Flowmeter (1266 KB)
Fuji Electric Range Of Ultrasonic Flowmeters (1490 KB)

Instruction Manual

One Download

TN1FSVG-E Time Delta C Ultrasonic Flowmeter (3086 KB)

Price List


Ultrasonic flowmeter selection guide 2009 (30 KB)
Time Delta-C - FSV PL2009 (33 KB)
Sensors for Ultrasonic flow - FLW-FLY PL2009 (46 KB)

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Price Lists

Ultrasonic flowmeter selection guide 2009 (30 KB)
Time Delta-C - FSV PL2009 (33 KB)
Sensors for Ultrasonic flow - FLW-FLY PL2009 (46 KB)


EDSX6-140d Time Delta C Ultrasonic Flowmeter (268 KB)

Instruction Manuals

TN1FSVG-E Time Delta C Ultrasonic Flowmeter (3086 KB)

Sales Brochures

ECNO636a Time Delta C Ultrasonic Flowmeter (1266 KB)
Fuji Electric Range Of Ultrasonic Flowmeters (1490 KB)
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