Temperature / Process Controller Guide


True "controllers" add to the process at the same rate as it is decaying. By doing this they achieve a balance.

The best Temperature Controllers will add heat at the same rate as it is being lost from the process. So even when the temperature is at the set point, a good temperature controller will be adding heating or cooling to maintain a balance in the process. On a Kiln, the controller will add heat at the same rate as the heat losses.

Controllers add value by improving the repeatability of the process, the quality of the product and in doing so reduces production costs. When choosing a controller there are several factors that you will need to take into consideration.


They can be panel or DIN rail mounted and we will even fit them into purpose built wall mounting enclosures.

Technical Features

While most controllers are used in their basic form, it is possible to include alarms, communication with computer networks and even change the operation of the controller with switched signals, timers and calculation from multiple inputs.

The Fuji Electric range of PXR, PXG, PUM, PXF provide a family of controllers that is unriavelled in features.

The family ensures that customers are buying the most appropriate device for their application without it becoming too complicated or too expensive. Effectively providing the balance in specification and price. 


competitive price Price
Fuji Electric are one of the largest manufacturers of electronic controllers in the world. Our pricing is driven by ability to control the whole manufacturing process. This includes the manufacture of our own silicon chips and microprocessors, A claim that no other instrumentation manufacturer is able to make. With millions of controllers being manufactured each year, economy of scale enables us to offer quality/cost breakpoints that can only be offered from a high volume manufacturer of world leading quality and reliability.



If you are an OEM user of temperature controllers, or you just want to reduce your purchasing costs, send us your application details and volume requirements to receive our best price. The Fuji PXE has been specifically designed with OEMs in mind.

In the past few years we have seen that some customers just need to get their process running quickly. They are unsure of what features they require, they just need "one" now. This is where we can really help. We hold hundreds of controllers in stock. We can configure them to suit your application and provide you with a pin for pin equivalent wiring diagram for your existing controller. The controller can be sent by overnight shipper for next day delivery or for those of you who are are really in a hurry, we can even arrange same day delivery service.


All Fuji Electric controllers can be configured using software or from the front panel. We can configure the controller for you, or support you over the phone to complete the steps of setting up the correct inputs and outputs.









Questions & Answers

Learn what a temperature controller is, how it works, what is PID control etc...
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Features Comparison

Our full range of Fuji Electric controllers put side by side. Review the table and find the features you are after.
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