Intrinsically Safe Current to Pressure (I/P) Converter

Available from Coulton, the Watson Smith range of current to pressure (I/P converter) converters ensure accurate and reliable control where Intrinsically safe certification is required.


Standard models currently in stock!

Watson Smith Current to Pressure (I/P) Converters available with Intrinsically Safe certification

Type 100X

The 100X series is an open-loop, highly accurate and Fail-safe current to pressure Converter. A rugged and reliable unit which has been proven in application installations globally.
  • Reliable, rugged, open loop control
  • ATEX and FM certified units are available as Intrinsically Safe, Type N
  • Proportional I/P and E/P converters
  • Minimum vibration effects
  • IP65 environment protection
  • Mounting Bracket and Connector Included
Intrinsically safe I/P converter type 100X
Type 422

The type 422 offers fail-freeze operation in addition to conventional I/P characteristics and its rugged construction,
Vibration immunity and weatherproofing make it ideal for field application.

  • Advanced electronic control
  • Failfreeze operation (output pressure retained on power failure)
  • Vibration immune
  • IP65 environment protection
  • ATEX approved

Intrinsically safe Watson Smith type422
Type 140

The 140 proportional I/P converter uses advanced closed loop solid-state electronic control to achieve accurate, high resolution pressure control. It is available in intrinsically safe and Type n versions and its vibration immunity and IP66 weatherproof rating make it ideal for field application.

  • Advanced electronic control
  • ATEX certified
  • Explosion proof and Intrinsically safe
  • Complete Electronics Modularity For Ease of Maintenance
  • Jack Socket for On-site Monitoring
  • Fail-Safe (unit pressure falls to zero on signal failure)
  • Field replaceable filter
Triple certified intrinsically safe type 140


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