Watson Smith Type 100X and 101X Failsafe I/P converters

Rugged and reliable force balance electro mechanical converters for use in both process control and industrial applications. This unit is very popular for general industrial applications. It has good resiliance to harsh environments. It is for this reason that we keep this unit in stock and it is available for same day despatch.

Type 100X and 101X I/P converters are suitable for a wide range of applications and equipped with an IP65 weatherproof rating.


Type 100 and Type 101X - Electro Mechanical E/P & I/P


  • 4-20mA, 0-10V; 0-60mA signal options
  • Pressure ranges from 3-15psig (0.2-1bar) to 3-120psig (0.2-8bar)
  • Two wire or three wire versions (12/24V)
  • High Flow - 280l/min (10scfm)
  • Weatherproof to IP65
  • Intrinsically safe versions available
Type 100X I/P converter



We keep the standard model 400100R and 5340R0100R (4-20mA input / 3-15psi output) in stock



List of available models (all of the following are suitable replacement units for model starting with "53"): 5340R0100R, 40002XR, 40005XR, 400096R, 400100R, 5340R0100R, 400110R, 40017XR, 40031XR, 40049XR, 40052XR, 40061XR, 40063XR, 40064XR, 400700R, 40076XR, 40082XR, 40085XR, 40093XR, 40099XR, 402100R, 420086XR, 440100R, 44011XR, 442100R, 490100R, 49032XR, 49035XR, 49044XR, 49045XR, 49046XR, 492100R, 500096R, 50010XR, 50014XR, 500400R, 5354R0400R, 502400R, 54001XR, 540400R, 542400R, 560400R, 562400R, 57012XR, 57016XR, 570400R, 572400R


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One Download

100X I/P (130 KB)

Instruction Manual

One Download

Type_100X_Instruction_Manual (582 KB)

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