PHU Large Screen 36 Input Paperless Recorder

The latest Paperless Recorder from Fuji Electric takes the specifications of the proven models PHF and PHL to the next level: Up to 36 Inputs, a large 12" TFT screen, Mathematical Functions as standard, up to 20 relay outputs... The Fuji Electric PHU is ideal for demanding applications.
PHU Large screen paperless recorder


  • 9, 18, 27 or 36 universal input points (thermocouple, resistance bulb, DC voltage and DC current),
  • Recording Sample Time: 1sec to 12 Hours with 100msec Measuring cycles (9 and 18 input models) or 200ms (27 and 36 input models)
  • Input filter option, square rooter function, subtraction function,
  • 12'' TFT colour screen (800 x 600 dots),
  • Various display capabilities are available (horizontal and vertical recording, digital display, graph display...),
  • Continuous recording and start/stop with digital input (as an option),
  • Mathematical Function with formulas, Trend data : Average, instance and min and max values,
  • Data storage on a Compact Flash memory card (8MB to 1GB),
  • Up to 4 alarms for each channel are settable (with 20-points relay output as an option),
  • 16 digital inputs (start/stop, E-mail sending... as an option),
  • PC software to set and read recorded data,
  • Ethernet connection (as an option): FTP server - SMTP (EMAIL client) - MODBUS™ TCP/IP.

Network Capabilities (example)

PHU recorder Network capabilities
PHU 12

You don't need a large screen? You need less inputs? Check out our 3 to 6 input paperless recorder and our 9 to 18 input paperless recorder.

You prefer the feeling of the paper? Check our chart recorders page.

Colour Brochure

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Brochure PHU Paperless Recorder (984 KB)

Data Sheet

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Data Sheet PHU Paperless Recorder (259 KB)

Instruction Manual

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Instruction Manual PHU Paperless Recorder (5877 KB)

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