3 to 6 channels PHF Graphic Recorder (Paperless)


New graphic recorder PHF

User friendly and competitively priced, the new PHF graphic recorder extends Fuji Electric's rane of data and chart recorders.

With a STN 5,7² screen display, CF card data storage, the possibility to display recorded data either on his own screen or on a PC... The new PHF video graphic recorder is a device full of capability to make your data capture more affordable and hassle free.

Available with three and six-point inputs (universal input: thermocouple, resistance bulbs, voltage/current input) with Ethernet connection (option), digital input/output (option) with 4 alarms for each channel, the new PHF will reduce installation costs. Typical applications for this recorder are ovens, sterilizers , climatic chambers, thermal (heat) treatment, water processing.

As an option, 10 relay outputs and 5 digital inputs can be added. The PHF paperless recorder can be configured via the front panel keys or through Fuji Electrics configuration software (Supplied free of charge).

PHF Paperless Recorder

Fuji Electric PHF Graphic recorder



3 or 6 universal input points (thermocouple, resistance bulb, DC voltage and DC current),


Recording sample Time: 1s to 12 Hours with 100ms Measuring cycle

Data can be stored to Memory card (2Gb)


Input filter option, square rooter function, subtraction function,


5,7'' STN colour screen (320 x 240 dots),


Various display capabilities are available (horizontal and vertical recording, digital display, graphic display...),


Continuous recording and start/stop with digital input (as an option),


Trend data : Average, instance and min and max values,


Data storage on a Compact Flash memory card (8MB to 2GB),


Up to 4 alarms for each channel are settable (with 10-points relay output as an option),


5 digital input (start/stop, E-mail sending... as an option),


Free configuration software and free real-time trending software enabling recorded data to be viewed on your PC.


Ethernet connection (as an option): FTP server - SMTP (EMAIL client) - MODBUS™ TCP/IP allowing your data to be recovered over the web.

bargraph on PHF paperless recorder

PHF paperless recorder menu screen

bargraph screen on paperless recorder horizontal trends on paperless recorder

Don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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Data sheet

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Datasheet Fuji PHF Paperless Recorder (229 KB)

Sales brochure

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Sales Brochure PHF Paperless Recorder (803 KB)

Quick reference guide

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Quick reference PHF paperless recorder (135 KB)

Instruction manual


Instruction manual PHF Paperless Recorder (2268 KB)
Ethernet Instruction manual PHF Paperless Recorder (637 KB)
Instruction manual Data viewer for PHF PHL paperless recoder (1612 KB)
Instruction manual Parameter loader for PHF PHL paperless recoder (1096 KB)

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