Pneumatic Instruments

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Looking for Pneumatic Instruments?

While big manufacturers now ignore the benefits of pneumatic instruments, we believe that there are many applications there pneumatic control offers advantages over electrically powered systems.

Our rance includes :


Pneumatic Control Valves

 Our range of 2 port and 3 port DIN rated control valves offer a quality solution with fast delivery at a competitive price.
Pneumatic control valves

PMV Pneumatic Valve Positioners

PMV Positioners are famous for their high reliability on harsh environments.
Pneumatic Valve Positioners

Pneumatic Valve Positioners

 Highly reliable pneumatic positoners from OMC operating from a 3-15psi pressure input signal.
pneumatic valve positioner sub

Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitters

 Accurate differential pressure measurement for non-electric installations.
Static pressure up to 100 bar.
Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitter

Pneumatic Recorders

 Cost effective, simple and reliable, these recorders are ideal for non electric installations.
Pneumatic Chart Recorders

Pneumatic Recorder Controllers

 The instruments sense the temp./press. of the measured medium, records the operating value, compares the measured variable with the set point and puts out a pneumatic standard 3 to 15 psi signal.
Pneumatic Chart Recorder Controllers






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