Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitter

As a complete new range OMC have launched the new DP5 Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitter.

This product replaces and extends the old 500 series of  transmitters.
It also offers  "like for like" compatibility with ABB's DeltaPi N Series of pnuematic transmitter.

The measuring unit which detects the differential pressure variation and consists of two forged bodies and a measuring capsule. The transmission unit converts the differential force applied to the measuring element into a proportional output pneumatic signal. The output pressure, generated by a flapper nozzle relay, feeds the feedback bellows with a rising pressure until the balance between bellows force and measuring element is reached. The whole transmission unit is contained within a water-resistant housing.

DP5A (NDA Equivalent) - Differential pressure transmitter
Maximum operating pressure 100 Kg/cm2  (1500 lbf/in2)
Span adjustable from 1.7 to 100 Kg/cm2  (25 to 1500 lbf/in2)

DP5B (NDB Equivalent)- Pressure transmitter

DP5D (NDA Equivalent)- Differential Maximum overrange according to the range bellows
Span adjustable from 1.7 to 140 Kg/cm2  (25 to 2000 lbf/in2 )

DP5H (NDC Equivalent)- Absolute pressure transmitter 
Maximum overrange 35 Kg/cm2  (500 lbf/in2)
Span adjustable from 1.7 to 17 Kg/cm2  (25 to 250 lbf/in2)

DP5R (NDD Equivalent) - Gauge pressure transmitter with separator and capillary 
Maximum overrange according to the range bellows
Span adjustable from 1.7 to 140 Kg/cm2  (25 to 2000 lbf/in2)


All of the above transmitters convert Absolute, Gauge or Differential Pressure to a 3-15 Psig (0.2 to 1 barg) signal. This makes them suitable for use as DP Level, DP flow and DP density transmitters where a pnuematic signal is required.





OMC DP5 Series Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitters


Type DP5A, DP5B, DP5D, DP5H, DP5R

  • 3-15 psi output signal
  • External zero adjustment
  • Good dynamic response
  • Low maintenance.
  • Low consumption
  • Easily removable components
Type 550L: 0-12.5mBar / 0-62.2mBar
Type 550H: 0-50mbar / 0-623mbar
Type 550HH: 0-500 mbar / 0-2.1 bar

Max static pressure: (550H & 550HH): 100 Bar
DP5 Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitter



DP5 Pneumatic Gauge Pressure Transmitter



Type DP5R DP5H

Flanged to process with DN 80 PN 16 connection

 0-50mbar / 0-623mbar
 0-500 mbar / 0-2.1 bar

Max static pressure: 12 Bar




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500 Series Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitter (96 KB)
OMC DP5-B Datasheet (221 KB)
OMC DP5-D Datasheet (248 KB)
OMC DP5-H Datasheet (226 KB)
OMC DP5-R Datasheet (216 KB)
OMC DP5-A Datasheet (233 KB)

Instruction Manual

One Download

500 Series Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitter (177 KB)
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