Fuji PCS Multi-loop Controller
Contains Features Not Found In Any Other Controller 

  • One controller provides paperless trending, multi-loop process control & PLC functions
  • Colour graphic LCD display of single loops, groups, alarms, trends, flow totals, logic etc
  • Dedicated buttons for control output, setpoint, auto/manual and local/remote
  • Hard manual back-up on all output channels to enable on-line repair or  replacement
  • Paperless trend recording to help tune loops at start-up or for process trouble shooting
  • One controller will provide up to 4 ratio or 4 cascaded control loops, 8 PID's
  • Each controller has  up to 192 configurable wafers from 100 algorithm types
  • Configuration is easy using front keys or an IBM-PC with user friendly software
  • System houses can build in-house control strategies on a PC and download in seconds
  • RS485 communication with Modbus protocol or OPTO22   interface (under development)
Fuji CC-M controller


Old hands will appreciate this controller as a world beater for the 21st Century.   It provides all of the operator  buttons and visual indications in a format recognised by the experienced plant operator. In addition it adds trending and back-up functions not found in any other controller.  These functions enable the service engineer to troubleshoot and make repairs without loss in production.

Configuration is so easy and versatile that the controller is an excellent building block for system integrators.  For example, boiler manufacturers can design their own process control and burner management strategies on an IBM-PC and then download to one or more controllers in only seconds.  These strategies can be saved for future back-up or for modification to suit different boiler designs.



The above information should only be used as a guide.
For further information please download our Data Sheet.

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