PXG Temperature and Process Controllers

The PXG series of controllers have been deisgned to meet the increasing demands of the process control industry.

They are small process controllers, which can be fitted with a wide range of options to suit most process applications. They will also handle a wide range of input and output requirements, including (PT100, T/C type 0-10Vdc etc ).


Fuji PXG Process Controllers

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Because the PXG series is so compact it will save space (depth This series of process controller is available in a range of sized to suit all panels and our engineers will be delighted to preconfigure your order suit your application. 

  • Faster sampling and output update time (200ms) for more responsive control and stability.
  • Better accuracy -- ±0.3%FS
  • Universal input (including 4-20mA, T/C, Pt100 0-5V, 2-5V and  0-10 Vdc)
  • 4-20mA, Relay 0-10V or SSR control outputs
  • Up to 3 alarm relays
  • 32-segment ramp/soak feature at no additional cost.
  • Guaranteed soak
  • Display blinks on alarm condition
  • 8 PID palettes
  • Several digital I/Os
  • Remote setpoint
  • Analog retransmission
  • RS485 communications
  • Heater break options
  • Transmitter power supply option on ¼ DIN PXG9
  • 24V AC/DC supply option
  • Free configuration loader software --- uses simple mini-stereo jack for loading programs
  • New and easy parameter programming
  • Soft-start function
  • Ramp-to-setpoint function
  • Control standby function
  • NEMA 4X, CE, UL, c-UL recognition

The PXG series of process controller is also designed for servo control. Motorized valve control outputs with or without position feedback are available.



From the PXG range

Fuji Electric PXG4

48mm x 48mm Process Controller. Our best selling process controller, compact and versatile.


Fuji Electric PXG5

48mm x 96mm Process Controller. A taller process controller ideal for panels.


Fuji Electric PXG9

96mm x 96mm Process Controller. When a larger display size is required.



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Data Sheets

7 Data Sheets

PXG4 DS (152 KB)
PXG5 DS (188 KB)
PXG9 DS (199 KB)
PXG IM (4555 KB)
PXG Controller Colour Brochure (501 KB)
PXG4 PL2010 (22 KB)
PXG 5 9 PL2010 (56 KB)

Instruction Manuals

PXG IM (4555 KB)

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