Alternative Automation

The UK automation market is dominated by 5 major players. They all claim to provide a "one stop shop" but do the products they offer reflect your application needs or their gobal purchasing strategy. Often badge labelling product and claiming it as their own.

Coulton Instrumentation offers an alternative. We recognise that customers value the strengths and weaknesses of different manufacturers. By providing solutions to your application requirements through the selecting "Best of Brand" Automation and Instrumentation. We delivery system solutions, to specification, within budget and on time.

Delivering to Specification
When the variety of applications extend from Hydrogen to Heavy Resid Oil, from Waste gas to Water, the specification of field instrumentation can become a minefield. If this is not identified at the tendering stage, costs rise, deliveries extend and snag lists grow.

Our engineers have extended experience in specification of field and panel instrumentation for many major industry sectors:

  • Upstream and Downstream Oil and Gas
  • Water and Waste Water Processes
  • Fire Tube and Water Tube Boiler Controls
  • Sugar Mills and Refineries
  • Heat Treatment and Furnace Control
  • Packaging and Moulding
  • Food and Brewing
  • Pulp and Paper

If you would like some assistance in identifying the right instrument for the Job, why not contact us with your specification now.


Limited Budget
The range and type of instrumentation on the market these days is growing. Manufacturers are making extended claims for their products, and yet it is difficult to know when you are getting value for money or being ripped off. At Coulton our aim is to maximise longterm growth and believe this can only be done by building trust relationships, that add value. If you are trying to meet a tight budget and meet an exacting specification, why not let us help you? 

If you would like some assistance in meeting your budget, why not contact us with your requirements now.

Deadline to Meet
When "time is money" and the handover date is just around the corner, a fast response to enquiries and orders is key to delivering outcomes. At Coulton, we aim to reply to UK enquiries within 24hrs and are commited supplying 90% of our product from stock. Do you need help to meet a deadline?

If you would like some assistance in meeting your deadline, why not contact us with your timetable now.



Ask yourself:

Do Honeywell manufacturer all of their controllers? (The Answer is No)
Do Druck manufacture all of their differential pressure transmitters? (The Answer is No)
Do Endress and Hauser make all of their Ultrasonic Flow meters? (The answer is No)
Do Baumer and Wika manufacure all of their Pressure equipment? (Again the answer is No)

Have Siemens, Emerson, Flowserve, Yokogawa Purchased smaller manufacturers to complete their range (The answer is yes)
Does Coulton Instumentation provide full service and support for the brands we represent? (The answer is yes)
Can Coulton quote for a full range of pressure, temperature, level and flow field instrumentation? (The answer is yes)
Can Coulton provide a competitive alternative solution? (The answer is yes)

Are you are ready to see alternative automation on your next project? If yes why not contact us now.









At Coulton, we understand that as a contractor or reseller, discounts and deliveries are critical success factors.

Why not give us the opportunity to contribute to your success.


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