Building Partneships with OEM's

It is said that "the engineer who invents the perfect mouse trap, will have the whole world beating a path to his door". As an Original Equipment Manufacturer you will have taken time to research your market, considered product positioning and the time value of the nessesary investment.  All you have to do now is to develop the product. However the gap between the idea and the release to market is the barrier to launching the world's greatest mouse trap. At Coulton, our aim is to build a partnership and trust relationship that allows us to fully understand the gap in the market that you are aiming to target and help you factor, label or invent a solution that provides a timely route to market.

45% of our business is developed through these long term partnerships.

Areas that we have assisted OEM's include

  • Badge labelling
  • Custom Literature and Instruction Manuals
  • Custom Programming
  • Custom Configuration
  • Paint Finish
  • Packaging
  • Assembly
  • Kitting Service

Not to mention the meeting of exact specifications, budgets and delivery dates.

If you believe we can help you "fill the gap" why not contact us now.






When you are developing a new product range and have specific commercial or technical problems to solve, Coulton can help.

Why not send us a specification to consider; we specialise in achieving "year on year" savings for our customers.


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