Industrial Ethernet Modules

Industrial Interface range of Ethernet modules allow virtually any process control variable or equipment to be connected to an Industrial Ethernet Network.

  • Full Range of Input/Output Modules
  • High Speed & Accuracy
  • RS232 to Ethernet Gateway
  • Web Server Technology
  • View Current Values in any Web Browser
  • Ethernet Infrastructure Devices Available
Range of industrial ethernet products

Typical applications include:

  • Machine/Process Monitoring & Control
  • Industrial Data Acquisition Systems
  • Remote Web Monitoring of Assets & Facilities:
  • Using web server system allows these networks to be monitored from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser.
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Analogue to Industrial Ethernet Converter

industrial ethernet converter The E-100 Ethernet Gateway module provides a straight
forward method of interfacing analogue and digital process
parameters to an Ethernet network. The E-100 allows the
user to view the status of the individual inputs via the front
panel display.

The E-100 unit has one universal analogue input but the
system can be expanded through the use of the optional
ISO-SLICE slice I/O modules.

  • MODBUS TCP Protocol Stack
  • Other Protocols available
  • Universal Configurable Analogue Input
  • Slice I/O system for additional I/O
  • High Accuracy, Low Cost

RS232/485 to Industrial Ethernet Converter

The E-PORT Ethernet Gateway module provides a straight forward method of connecting almost any device with serial communications to a new or existing Ethernet.

The unit obtains the relevant data from the serial device and stores these values before forwarding them on demand to the Ethernet network.

This enables limited distance serial RS232 or 485 communication links to be extended throughout the installation or onto the web.

  • Enables existing equipment with RS232 comms to link to Ethernet Networks
  • MODBUS TCP Protocol Stack, other protocols available
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet (RJ45)
  • Useful local display
industrial ethernet converter

Isolated Bus Input/Output System

isolated input-output The ISO-SLICE isolated Bus I/O system combines full three-port isolation with access to an industrial bus.

This bus connects to the E-100, or Z-200 coordinator modules can then be used to transmit the process values via either Ethernet or RS232/485 wired communications or ZigBee wireless networks.

A wide range of modules are available, from a single universal input to 8-way 4-20ma units.

  • Universal Configurable input & outputs
  • Communicates to Ethernet / RS232 or
  • ZigBee Network Coordinator
  • Inter-channel & input/output isolation
  • Automatic Bus & Power connection via
  • DIN rail bus connector
  • Multiple inputs in one module
  • Isolated Transmitter Supply
  • Very High Accuracy, Low Cost
  • Only 12.5mm Wide on DIN rail

Point to Point Wireless Ethernet Bridge

The E-BRIDGE wireless Ethernet cable replacement system provides a simple way extending the range of an Ethernet network without expensive wiring.

With a typical line of sight range of 300m and an indoor range of typically 60m the E-BRIDGE has many applications in the factory automation environment.

These include adding a remote piece of equipment to an existing network without the use of additional cabling and wirelessly connecting two existing Ethernet networks together.

  • Plug and play Ethernet secure wireless bridge, data rate up to 108 Mbps
  • 5 Ghz IEEE 802.11a WiFi Band
  • 10/100 Base Tx RJ45 auto-sensing network interface
  • 300m line of sight range, 1.5km up to 50km systems also available
wireless ethernet bridge

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Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure Products

industrial ethernet infrastructure   A wide range of Industrial Ethernet switches are available from us.

Switches include ports for copper and fibre and redundant ring configurations, remote monitoring of switch performance and ESD protection are all featured in these products.

  • Wide range of Ethernet Switches and other Infrastructure equipment
  • Industrial hardened, high MTBF
  • Copper and Fibre ports, redundant loops
  • Cost-effective proven solutions

CAN bus to RS232 ASCII Gateway

The CAN-PORT product is used to CAN bus and GPS data to RS232 compatible serial ASCII data.

This enables CAN bus data to be captured in real time and either logged using an RS232 data logger or to be made available on a Web site for remote logging and monitoring.

A typical application would be the monitoring of temperatures, speeds and location of delivery vehicles.

  • Allows any device with a RS232 port to access CAN bus Data
  • 2 High Speed CAN bus Ports
  • Serial Port for GPS input
  • Serial Port for Modem or PC
  • J1939, OBD ISO and Raw CAN
  • Cost-effective proven solution
CAN bus to RS232 ascii gateway  




EBridge wireless ethernet bridge (66 KB)
CanPort CAN gateway (110 KB)
E100 ethernet converter (113 KB)
IsoSlice i-o system (112 KB)
EPort rs232-rs485 ethernet converter (72 KB)
EthernetSwitch infrastructure (62 KB)

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