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Virtually any type of input can be handled by the range of isolating signal converters by Industrial Interface. All feature 3 port isolation and provide isolated high level current or voltage output signals.

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3-Port Isolation Signal Converter

ISOCON - This Isolating Signal Converter can accept a wide range of inputs including 4-20mA, thermocouple, RTD and voltage signals.

The units produce a high level DC output of either voltage or current. Full 3 port isolation is standard as is an isolated transmitter supply which can be used to power any standard 2-wire 4-20mA transmitter.

The input type and range can be user selected using simple DIL switches inside the unit. All RTD and Thermocouple inputs can be fully linearised. Non-interactive zero and span controls make adjustment of the unit quick and simple.

  • Universal input/output- user selectable
  • Frequency Input
  • Dual input Maths Unit
  • Custom linearisation options
  • Wide range AC or DC Supply
  • Isolated Transmitter Supply
  • Very High Accuracy, Low Cost
  • Only 12.5mm Wide on DIN rail
signal converter

Other features include optional inversion of the input signal, an optional second analogue output (see Dualcon data sheet) and an optional Relay alarm output.

The unit is supplied with two power supply options, either wide ranging ac or dc. The ac version operates from any supply from 90 to 264 Vac and the dc version operates from 12 to 36 Vdc.


Isolating Signal Converter with Two Outputs

signal converter 2 outputs DUALCON - Identical in functionality to the 3-Port Signal Conditioner above, except that it has 2 independent and isolated outputs which can be configured separately.

  • Universal configurable inputs
  • 2 Configurable Outputs
  • Full 3-Port Isolation
  • Wide range AC or DC Supply
  • Isolated Transmitter Supply
  • Very High Accuracy, Low Cost
  • Only 17.5mm Wide on DIN Rail

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Slim Isolated Signal Converter

SLIM-CON This slim unit can accept a range of inputs including 4-20mA and voltage signals. The unit produces an isolated high level DC output of either voltage or current.

This Isolated Signal Converter is very thin at only 7.2mm wide and is highly accurate with a fast time response.

  • Wide Range of Inputs Available
  • Full 3-Port Isolation
  • Zero & Span Pots For Output
  • Fast Time Response
  • High Accuracy, Low Cost
  • Only 7.2mm Wide
slim isolating signal converter

Thermocouple Isolator

Thermocouple Isolator TC-TC This isolator accepts a mV signal from virtually any type of thermocouple and provides an identical isolated mV signal. This helps prevent earth loop and sensor failure problems in multi-thermocouple installations.

The unit can be supplied in DC or AC powered configurations.

  • Provides an Isolated Thermocouple mV Signal from a Non-Isolated Thermocouple
  • High Accuracy, Low Cost
  • Ultra Compact DIN Rail Mount Enclosure
  • Prevents Earth Loop & Sensor Failure Problems in Multi-Thermocouple Installations

Universal Strain Gauge Transmitter

STRAIN This unit is a Universal Strain Gauge transmitter. It will interface to the majority of strain gauges, load cells and pressure transducers. The unit provides a high stability excitation voltage which is isolated from both the high level output and the power supply.

Front panel mounted trim pots allow adjustment of zero and span settings and output monitoring terminals allow the output to be measured without breaking the instrument loop. The STRAIN can be supplied in either AC or DC powered versions.

  • Isolated Bridge Excitation Voltage
  • User Configurable Isolated Output
  • Switchable 110/240 Vac Supply or 24 Vdc Supply Option
  • 1500V 3-Port Isolation
  • Remote Calibration Feature
universal strain gauge transmitter



Dualcon 2output signal converter (112 KB)
Slimcon slim signal converter (805 KB)
Isocon 3port signal converter (87 KB)
Strain gauge transmitter (58 KB)
TC-TC thermocouple isolator (84 KB)

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