Averaging Pitot Tubes

By averaging the flow velocity across the pipe, averaging pitot tubes are more tolerant of errors bends and valves upstream of the meter. By adding pressure and temperature measurement with modern multi variable differential pressure transmitters we can provide an output signal that is proportional to mass or corrected volumetric flowrate. 

One solution from one supplier for all your gas, liquid and steam flow applications. Averaging pitot tubes provide a convenient way to measure liquid, gas and steam flow rates using a proven technology. A large range of pipe sizes can be accommodated and by manufacturing in special materials it is possible for us to provide systems for difficult fluids.

  • Easy installation and low pressure loss
  • Relatively low cost for large line sizes
  • Flanged or threaded process connections
  • Direct mounted three valve manifolds available
  • Fluid should be reasonably clean
  • Line sizes 100 -2400 mm
  • Installations on key projects worldwide
  • Supplied with full set of documentation

Universal Pitot Tube Flow Meter "AptiFlow"

Differential pressure industrial flow meter for liquids, gases and vapours - low loss.

If you are looking for a pitot tube, we highly recommend Aptiflow as it combine the strength of a proven, reliable technology with an innovative, application friendly design.


Aptiflow industrial flowmeter

Wide ranging:

Aptiflow can be used in a wide range of processes and conditions. From high vacuum to high pressure, and sub-zero to 1000 Deg C with selected materials.

Flexible design:

This flow meter can be engineered to produce solutions for difficult applications. Elements may be machined from solid for high mechanical integrity, made as two piece sections for very large duct diameters (over 6m), headless for fully enclosed installations and dual manifolds for stacked transmitters.


It provides a low cost solution for measurement in large diameter pipes or ducts:

  • Low permanent pressure loss - energy lost with use is minimal
  • Robust construction - log service life and virtually impossible to wear out
  • Negligible wear - long term stability with zero drift or degradation.


Aptoflow is manufactured from fully traceable 316L stainless steel (as standard), with options for manufacture in:

304 St Stl / Alloy 400 / Duplex St Stl / Inconel 625
321 St Stl / Hastelloy C & B2 / Super Duplex / 90 10 Cu Ni
310 St Stl / 6 Mo / Titanium Gr 2 / Polypropylene

Quality Assurance:

Manufactured under strict Quality Assurance:

  • ISO 9000 Quality control
  • CE Directive (97/23/EC)
  • ASME IX welding

NACE certification, post weld heat treatment and full NDE is aslo available.

Every Aptiflow is subjected to a post manufacture pressure test to confirm mechanical integrity.


Universal Flow Meter Aptiflow

Principle of operation:

Aptifow generated a differential pressure when placed in the path of a flowing fluid.

The magnitude of the differential presure generated is a function of the fluid's mean axial velocity, density and the characteristics of the Aptiflow probe, commonly referred to as its k-factor.

The differential pressure generated is sensed via the HP and LP ports and connected to a suitable measuring gauge or transmitter. The instantaneous flow rate can then be derived from the differential pressure.

Aptiflow models 25, 40 and 60 have an interval HP tube that further average any distorsion in the flow profile and helps to provide Aptiflow's excellent performance even when installed in the plane of a close upstream bend.


Aptiflow Differential Pressure Operation

Application friendly

Aptiflow was tested in a flowmeter calibration facility on a 300mm pipeline with a "T"- piece and then two 90 Degree bends immediately upstream of the insertion point. The change and the overall variation of the k-factor (and therefore overall accuracy) was less than +/- 3% over a turndown greater than 17:1

Installation Tolerant

Aptiflow has been designed to accomodate real world problems, such as growth or shrinkage resulting from site welding, ovality of pipelines and standard pipeline tolerances.

Aptiflow Installation

Clear marking

Aptiflow has distinctive head marking to assist installation, correct orientation and helps eliminate commissioning problems such as reversed DP connections.

Aptiflow clear marking


For more information about the Aptiflow or afor a quotation please send us an enquiry:




Flow Primary Elements (3543 KB)
Datasheet Flow Meter Aptiflow (12554 KB)

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