Orifice Plates, Carrier Rings & Orifice Flanges to ISO5167 (BS1042) and RW.Miller


Orifice plates can be purchased separately or fitted into a flow assembly to simplify installation and/or improve accuracy. Our manufacturing expertise ensure fast delivery with competitive pricing.


  • General purpose for liquid, gas or steam
  • Simple, inexpensive and widely accepted
  • Laser profiling used to cut from single sheet
  • Large stock of orifice plates up to 300 mm NB
  • Large stock of carrier rings up to 300 mm NB
  • Flange assemblies to ANSI B16.36
  • Materials 316SS, monel or hastelloy-C
  • Supplied with full set of documentation
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Concentric orifice plate: General purpose for liquid, gas and steam. Simple, inexpensive and widely accepted. Line sizes 15-1800mm

Eccentric orifice plate: For dirty fluids or two phase flow. Less accurate than concentric orifice plate. Line sizes 50-600mm

Conical entrance orifice plate: For viscous fluids with low Pipe Reynolds Number. Less accurate than concentric orifice plate. Line sizes 50-600mm



Orifice plate carrier assembly: The orifice plate is held between two carrier rings, each rings drilled with a pressure tapping point.

Flange type tappings are usually supplied for sizes above 40mm NB and corner type tappings for 40mm NB and below.

This assembly is then sandwiched between the existing process flanges.

It is very easy to install. No on-site drilling or welding is required.


Also available: Orifice plate flange assembly and nozzle flange assembly. Please contact us for more information or refer to the datasheet below.


We design some of the orifice plates in house and we also work closely with Seiko Flowcontrol, a renowned specialist in high specification applications in the Power Generation and Nuclear Power sectors.

Orifice Plate from Seiko are manufactured up to PN 630 and DN 600. The overall Iengths are adapted to suit the customers specific operating conditions and have toughened sharp edges.

Special designs can be manufactured easily upon request. Foa a complete flow metering system we will also match the Orifice Plate with a Fuji Electric DP Transmitter and calibrate the output to suit your flowrate.






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