Hand Held Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Meter

The Series UFX Doppler Flow Meter features an advanced ultrasonic measuring technology, providing accurate and reliable flow velocity assessments in closed piping systems.

The UFX utilizes a non-invasive, hand held transducer which is placed on the outside of the pipe. Within seconds, the large 0.7 inch (18 mm) LCD provides stable readings in feet per second or meters per second.

This product operates on metal or plastic pipes containing liquids with greater than 100 ppm of 100 micron size suspended solids or entrained gases.


UFX Hand Held Doppler Flow Meter


  • Utilizes a non-invasive, hand held transducer and NEMA 12X, battery operated enclosure.
  • Measures fluid velocities from 0.3 to 30 FPS (0.1 to 9 MPS).
  • Reliable readings on nearly all liquid applications containing a minimum of 100 ppm of 100 micron size suspended solid or entrained gases.
  • Optional CE Approval transducer for pipes size 1" and above.
  • Low cost unit with accurate readings on closed full pipes size ΒΌ" (6 mm) and above. Large four-digit LCD display provides velocity readout in user selected units (FPS or MPS).
  • Easy to use flow verification instrument for industrial and municipal applications; including paper pulp stock, concrete slurries, dredging applications, primary sludge and waste activated sludge.
Hand Held Doppler Flow Meter

doppler flow-meter principle
Operating Principle

How it works

The Series UFX flow meter utilizes an advanced ultrasonic measuring technique, providing accurate, non-invasive, fluid velocity assessment without opening the pipe.

The UFX utilizes two piezoelectric crystals contained within one transducer to transmit ultrasonic energy into the fluid stream and receive reflected energy off discontinuities (suspended particles or entrained gases) within the moving liquid.

Transformations that result from the energy reflections are processed and converted to fluid velocity by the UFX's sophisticated software algorithm. The processor also controls all operations of the instrument  from its ultra efficient battery management circuitry to a proprietary FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filtration program.



One Download

Hand Held Doppler UFX Datasheet (421 KB)

Instruction Manual

One Download

Hand Held Doppler UFX Manual (463 KB)

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