180mm Multi-Channel Chart Recorder

Fuji Electric PHA Microjet Chart Recorder


For more than 10 years, the Fuji PHA Microjet Recorder has led the 180mm chart recorder market thanks to its rugged construction, the ease of use and its ultra reliability. Especially appreciated in the Heat Treatment application in the UK, the PHA is a reference worldwide when it comes to tough environments.



  • Chart width 180 mm, 12 channel continuous trace
  • Silicon ink jet printer technology in 6 colours
  • Daily reports in English, French or German
  • Each channel has own circuit, no scanning relays used
  • Configurable channels accept most industrial inputs
  • Inputs can be zoomed, zoned and auto-ranged
  • Built-in alarm relays with volt free contact outputs
  • Mechanical parts 1/3 conventional recorder
  • Light weight design, only 6 kg
  • RS 485 communication
  • Power supply 85 to 300Vac
  • Fuji PHZH1002 Recording Head
  • Chart Paper PEX00 DL1-5000B
Fuji Chart Recorder PHA



We also repair Fuji Electric micojet chart recorders and stock recording heads (also known as print heads or ink) as well as chart paper for all 3, 6 and 12 pen Fuji Recorders.


Fuji Electric PHA recorder is the original unit for products labelled SHIMADEN SR186A series. If you are looking for a replacement, please do not hesitate to contact us !



The above information should only be used as a guide.

For further information please download our Data Sheet.


Microjet Recorder PHA (159 KB)

Instruction Manuals

PHA Instruction Manual (803 KB)

Sales Brochures

Fuji Recorder Colour Printer Brochure (1186 KB)

Price Lists

Recorder accessories PL2010 (532 KB)


PHA_recorder_full_CD (3834 KB)

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